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What's new

-15.Apr 2300: Live action "MIA / CON - Mia Distonia v Conrad Schnitzler" at A Válvula - Rua Lopes, 71 Cv Esq (Alto de São João) in Lisbon, Portugal: Mia Distonia & A Valvula present an evening featuring the music & films of Conrad Schnitzler mixed with Mia's songs, poems and stories (Posted 6.4.17)

-11.Mar: Internet radio show: Deutschlandradio Kultur broadcasted Con's 3 hours special program. You can see the details here. Official MP3 is provided here. The German script is also provided from the station: [PDF], [text] & [Translated script by google] (Updated 11.3.17)

-The official Con-Mythology 2016 T-Shirts are now available at CONTROL shop. (Limited Edition.) All profitable proceeds donated to CON MYTHOLOGY. (Posted 14.1.17)

-Please note Con is asking to keep his birthday info private and hidden from the internet. That is why Con's birthday is never posted to this site. Thank you for your understanding.  (Posted 27.8.16)

-4-Aug, 2016: The fifth anniversary of Con's death. (Updated 4.8.16)

New releases


(Bureau B BB265)



-16.4.17: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/143

Private release


-15.4.17: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler GREENBOXTWO

Private release


 -24.3.17: Conrad Schnitzler / Pole: Con-Struct

(Bureau B BB243)



-15.2.17: Conrad Schnitzler Mix Solo by Jon Tyler 0/142

Private release

jon_tyler142 _s.jpg

 -10.2.17: Conrad Schnitzler / Filmmusik 2

(Bureau B BB245)



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Projects & Works

-Global living project (9.10.16)

-List of works (18.4.17)
-List of works (text version) (19.1.13)
Material descriptions (20.2.15)
-Postcards (17.3.07)
-Videos (4.7.15)


-Conrad Schnitzler's Con-Cert by Conrad Schnitzler and Gen Ken Montgomery (14.12.13)
-About KW by Conrad Schnitzler (12.9.09)
-Black by Wolfgang Seidel (29.8.09)
-Conrad Schnitzler in the comics by Matt Howarth (12.7.09)
-STATEMENT CONRAD SCHNITZLER 2009 / Statement Jon Tyler 2009 (14.6.09)
-About Kluster by Conrad Schnitzler and Wolfgang Seidel (5.4.08)
-A sound never walks alone by Conrad Schnitzler (30.4.07)
Free art by Wolfgang "Sequenza" Seidel (26.12.06)
-INFORMATIONS about the CON music by Conrad Schnitzler (27.9.06)
-About ZUG (The Red Cassette) by Conrad Schnitzler (21.4.06)
Con-tributed article by Wolfgang "Sequenza" Seidel (16.4.06)
-About CON music by Conrad Schnitzler (19.3.06)


-Articles (15.4.12)
-Live actions / free listening & watching / etc
-Radio shows featuring Conrad Schnitzler
Etc. (5.11.16)

About this site

This is the official website for Conrad Schnitzler, con-ducted by Jin.
This site started as fan site in 2005, and in Oct. 2007 Jin was asked by Con
to maintain this site as his official. Con was calling this site as "My blog".

(Conrad Schnitzler - studio)

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